Wealth Team Application

Wealth Team Member Application...
We ask those, who desire access to all of our training, to complete this course prior to entering. It is designed to ensure that you have become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) & establish the desired level of Core Commitments needed in order to be at our Team Member Level.
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Wealth Training Team Member Application

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Team Member Application:

We ask those, who desire to be a part of the Team Member community, to complete this course prior to entering the Team Member portion of the community. Simply submit your Kuvera Global® information on the following lesson so that we can verify your account.

Once verified, you will need to complete the Team Member Core Courses: “Founder 14”, “Wealth Gen Core”, “Orientation”, “eSuite Setup” & “Marketing 101” courses as a prerequisite to gain access to further training. These courses are designed to establish the desired level of commitment needed in order to be an Active Team Member. Those who have completed those courses will have shown that they are willing to take the steps needed to start building their business and duplicate the process.

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Once you have completed the “Wealth Team Application” Course, you will be brought back to this page and you can use the matrix hidden behind the toggle box above in order to navigate back to your Vision Map or the “Team Member Badge”.

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