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Learn some of our fundamental strategies that will help you build a successful network with our course "10 Strategies To Fast Start Reps To Massive Action".
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10 Strategies To Fast Start Reps

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Help Others By Getting Them Started Right

Brandon Boyd, Top Earner and formerly a 2 time Master Distributor, shares his insights on some of the key Success Strategies for helping people get started on the right path.

We have shared these videos, in his training series, so that you may see how we have applied his strategies within the community. We will associate each of his strategies, with the resources within the community, so that you can see the value that we offer each of our Members and visitors. These resources increase the likelihood that visitors, Community Members, Preferred Members & Team Members will receive the proper information and training, associated with their membership, in order to progress towards their desired success.

Video Topics That Will Be Discussed:

  • Sponsoring Is The Beginning Of The Sale
  • Don’t Assume Anything
  • Make Them Part Of The Family
  • Help Them Establish A Basic Game-plan
  • Plug Them Into Training ASAP
  • Getting Their Top 10 List
  • Uncover Their Action Motivator
  • Help Them Understand The Process
  • Check In Regularly
  • Finding Time Between Prospecting & Training

Watch this “Introduction video” and then click “Join” in order to proceed. Watch the videos in the lessons and then reflect on whether you, as a Leader, are in the right mindset. Also, ponder on whether our community assists with the fulfillment of Brandon’s success strategies.

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