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We reward Active Behavior by increasing your Rank and Points. Some activity even rewards you with virtual cash called "ONCE Bucks" that can be used to purchase additional products & courses. You can even give them away to help other community members.
All Course purchases are made with virtual "ONCE Bucks".
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We realize that sometimes we don’t get the recognition for the effort, that we put forth on a daily basis, to support, advance and succeed during the journey towards our desired end result. Therefore we have developed an Awards System to give you points toward a Status Rank and Virtual Cash called “ONCE Bucks” that can be used in the Resources page to purchase some of the products we offer.

Everything that we offer is designed to help members find more value. Even if the value is virtual cash, earned by being active within the community. We will show you how the Virtual Cash can be earned, used and shared in order to leverage your Community Activity.

ONCE Bucks can also be transferred to other members that you may want to reward on your own and/or advance others who need to move faster through our system.

Learn more about the Awards System by completing the following lesson.

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