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We Share Our Organic Traffic Leads...
As individuals find our resources on their own, we share those leads with our Team Members. This allows Team Members to welcome the individuals to the community and start the relationship building process. The overall goal of the community is to Find, Grow & Keep Money; however, we also strive to Find, Grow & Keep People!
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First Things First

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We want to Welcome you to the ONCE Wealthy Team & Wealth Training Community. We believe that you have joined one of the Best Community within Wealth Generators®. As our Team & Community grows, our community will get more traffic, resulting in more Free Members, Preferred Members & IBO’s. We will be setting up a rotation link, for IBO’s, on external ads. You may be asking yourself “What is a rotation link?” We will explain within this course. The primary focus is “Helping Others in the Community” become profitable as quickly as possible.

What Is A Rotation Link?

A “Rotation Link” is part of a Rotator System where a Master Link is created and Subordinate Links are attached. When the Master Link is triggered, by a click, the Rotator System grabs the next Subordinate Link listed in the system and shares it.

When you sign up as an IBO you are giving a “landing page” ( this is a webpage where other people can sign up as a preferred customer or an IBO under you. We take that landing page link and rotate the ‘yourusername’ portion between all IBO’s in our community. This helps everyone build their teams and make money.. this makes you money as well.

We are also using a Weighted System. This gives the lowest ranking IBO’s the greatest exposure in order to help them get their first 3 IBO’s and making $100 each month they qualify.

Below is a “Table Of Weights”:

Kuvera Global® Rank Weight
Customer No Allowed
New IBO Team Member 7
Guaranteed Generator 6
Business Builder 6
Executive 6
Premiere 5
Platinum 4
Global Platinum 3
Presidential 2
Elite Presidential 1
Ambassador Self Promotion
Global Ambassador Self Promotion
Icon Self Promotion
Legend Self Promotion
Global Legend Self Promotion
Pinnacle Self Promotion
Elite Pinnacle Self Promotion
ONCE you have a lead, it is best to give them your landing page link directly and immediately have them join as a Preferred Customer. That way they are linked to you and can upgrade via the HUB. The Rotation System is mainly for organic visitors (meaning they came to the website from a link found via social media or search)

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As the “Lead EDGE”, my philosophy is to lead by example and teach others to do the same. Therefore, our strategy is to continually bring people into the Community and help them “Find Value” in our Products & Services.

Thomas Edgell “The Lead EDGE”


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