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"Knowledge is important" and knowing where to find answers is a fundamental key to your Community experience.
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Set The Foundation

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Getting Started Is Like Pouring The Foundation For Your Experience.

We believe that many of our members have not experienced a hands on approach to helping them succeed in the past. We are changing that methodology and will prove that a community approach to Finding, Growing & Keeping Money works better for everyone involved.

For Members who simply joined to learn more, we invite you to ask any questions that you may have in our group forums.

You have taken the first step by “Joining Our Community” and we know that as you engage with our community, you will see the value we offer. Our ultimate goal is to provide education and training to those who desire an increased potential of generating wealth. The first step is to subscribe to the products we offer through Wealth Generators®, learn the skills that assist you during your experience & ultimately achieve your goals. Our products, as well as this community, are designed to assist you. The more you use the products, engage in the community and complete the training, the more value you will gain. As you gain value, the natural end result is sharing it with others… inviting – not selling.

We like to break it down to “Find The Value, Get It & Share It”

Remember: Our Goal Is To Help Others.

Find Money
Using The 60 Day Money Miracle Course & KG Money
Grow Money
By following the Market Experts & earning a commission from subscriptions
Keep Money
Reducing your tax liability by using business tax strategies

What You Will Find In Our Community:

Area Description
Articles Access to free articles that can be shared with other social media circles
Activity Area An area where you can share information, encourage others & make new friends
Groups Topical areas for discussion
Group Forums Topical areas for asking questions and create a knowledge base of information
Badges Awarded to show accomplishments within the community
Courses A set of lessons and exercises to train individuals
Lessons An action step to complete as part of a course
Exercises An action step to complete as part of a lesson and course
Awards Points given for activity within the community
Rank Acknowledgement for level of activity within the community
ONCE Bucks Virtual cash that is earned for activity within the community and used for purchasing additional training resources

Since You Are New To The Community

There are a few things that will help you “Get Started” on the right path towards an enjoyable experience.

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  • Managing Your “Notifications”
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