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Staying Connected Is A Key Element For Success

Many individuals realize that lack of communication can be attributed to failure. They experience lack of communication within many of the companies that they have worked with in the past. On the other hand, the better the communication, the better the success rate becomes. That is why we have not only created this community, but also social channels to open the lines of communication.

ONCE you join this course, each of the steps will take you to the listed website in another window. You may have to create an account for each website (if you do not have an account) or simply log in and connect. Once the step is completed, simply come back to this course and mark each step as completed and progress to the next step.

Dialog Enhances Opportunity

We will provide links for:

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  • Websites to Bookmark
  • Webinars To Register For
  • & Email Lists To Join

You will have the ability to come back and finish at any time as our system will track your progress and show you which steps still need to be completed.

It is in no way mandatory for you to connect, rather a suggestion. Regardless, you will need to mark the step as complete in order to earn the badge and points.

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