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Part of becoming a Leader and building an organization, is realizing that you have a support system that will encourage you along the way. As an accomplished leader, we give you a voice in the direction that the Community will be striving to achieve. We created this group so that those who have reached “Business Builder” may be introduced to the conference call platform and share their story with others. This group will also allow you to gain insight, on future upcoming conference calls, that are being developed.

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12 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Earn “Team Member”
  3. Earn “Founder 14”
  4. Earn “Wealth Gen Pro”
  5. Earn “Orientation”
  6. Earn “Marketing 101”
  7. Join group “Wealth Support”
  8. Join group “Team Members”
  9. Join group “Guaranteed Generator”
  10. Join group “Business Builder”
  11. Earn “Presenter”
  12. Join group “Presenters”

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