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Be mentored by other IBO’s who have reached the “Global Platinum” rank, and above, within Kuvera Global®. Discuss, with other Members, how best to support your organization. Share your accomplishments, experiences, tips & while developing marketing strategies together. By helping others, within this group, momentum and focus are created. This is accomplished by encouraging each other’s efforts of building a solid business and taking individual steps towards developing into a better leader. The Global Platinum group will support the Wealth Generators® Rank of “Global Platinum” and all leaders who have achieved higher levels of achievement.

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Once Registered, A record of your progress will be stored, therefore giving you the freedom to progress at your own pace.

All Team Members Should Be A Part Of The Wealth Support Group

You are encouraged to be a part of any and all groups up to your current Rank. This will allow you to receive mentoring from leaders above you and mentor those advancing up the ranks.


14 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Earn “Team Member”
  3. Earn “Founder 14”
  4. Earn “Wealth Gen Pro”
  5. Earn “Orientation”
  6. Earn “Marketing 101”
  7. Join group “Wealth Support”
  8. Join group “Team Members”
  9. Join group “Guaranteed Generator”
  10. Join group “Business Builder”
  11. Join group “Executive Business Builder”
  12. Join group “Premiere”
  13. Join group “Platinum”
  14. Join group “Global Platinum”

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