What Is ROI?

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Return on Investment (ROI)

Kuvera Global shows past results on trading activity, they do so by showing Return on Investment, which is commonly known as ROI.

Definition of Return on Investment:

Sample Trade:

If you were to place a trade and invested $100, and then sold the investment for $138, ROI would be calculated as follows:

The amount of money you have in your investment account is NOT considered when calculating ROI. Using the graphic above as an example, while ROI is 38% for that trade where $100 was invested, if you had $1000 in the trading account, your overall return on your account would be 3.8%

When we list an ROI over a period of time, we are taking the ROI on each trade for a given strategy and adding those together for a total ROI over the specified time.

Please Note: Kuvera Global® strongly suggests invest no more than 10% of your available investment capital in any one trade.

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