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The Wealthy Use Leverage To Build

Content Sharing

Sharing Content Builds Our Community & Your Organization

By sharing content with others, they are introduced to the “Power Of Leverage” and offered the ability to start Following 3 Simple Steps while pursuing a Wealthier Life. We also invite you to be an Author and share your content with others within the Community, ONCE you have reached the level of an Executive Business Builder within the community.

Badge & Awards System

Get Recognized For Completing Activities

Our system recognizes (with Badges) and rewards you (with ONCE Bucks) for being Active Within The Community. Activities include: Status Updates, Group Status Updates, Forum, Completing Training, etc.

Training & Personal Development

Professionals Know The Value Of Training

Training assists in the development of skills, needed to excel in their profession. We realize that everyone does not know how to train others in build a successful business, therefore, we offer Free Training for all Team Members within the Community. We also invite you to be a Trainer and share your skills with others within the Community, ONCE you have reached a certain level within the Community.

Team Building System

A Tracking System – Designed To Track Your Referrals

Our Team Builder System is designed to assist you in Building an Organization. As you refer people to the Community, with your referral link, your signup up page will be offered to the visitor during the signup process. This Marketing System is separate from your Kuvera Global® Organizational Structure and will benefit Teams as organic traffic is generated for the website.

Contact Management System

The Fortune Is In The Follow-up

Kuvera Global Distributors® gain access to the companies Marketing System. Independent Business Owners use this Marketing System for inviting others & tracking their progress.

Personally Branded Landing Pages

The First Impression Is A Lasting Impression

As a Kuvera Global Distributor®, you have access to Personally Branded Landing Pages within their Marketing System. We offer access to additional pages for those who realize that it takes more than a couple of exposures for people to make a qualified decision.

Find Money

Grow Money

Keep Money

Learn Skills

Earn Money

Find, Grow & Keep Money

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