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Fundamentals vs. Technicals

The longest standing argument in the financial world is whether to use fundamental or technical analysis.

We don’t believe it is one or the other but both! Why wouldn’t you learn how to use chart analysis of price and volume history to assist in market timing?

In our Technicals training continuum you will learn how to identify patterns and key levels of resistance and support which work as a compass for your investing activities.

Technical Analysis – the compass for your investments!

In the Technicals course, they will cover:
  • Use of charting and patterns to predict price movement
  • Pivot Points, Trends, Support and Resistance
  • Candlestick and Reversal Patterns
  • Moving Averages, Volume, MACD, and RSI
  • Trading Entry Triggers, Stop Loss Placement, & Profit Targets
  • Cash & Risk Management
  • Elliott Wave, Fibonacci and Bollinger Bands

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