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Credly is universal way for you to earn, store and showcase achievements throughout your life. Achievements are represented by badges, which you can earn in virtually every aspect of your life, from school to the workplace to museums and fitness activities.

Badges you earn for the learning you do right here on this site will be sent to Credly, where you can make them visible on social networks you use, on your blog, or your own web site. Every person on Credly also has a public “profile.” You can curate what achievements you’d like to showcase at any time on your Credly Profile.

In this Quest, you’ll visit Credly.com and join, creating a free account.

Once you have created your account, visit the “View Profile” page from the user menu at the top right of the page and then copy the web address for your Profile page into the submission box below. (It will look something like “https://credly.com/u/oncevision“.)

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