Psychology of Objections



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Psychology of Objections

Product Description:

Did you know that 66% of the objections you hear are lies? Would your prospects really lie to you? Yes they do. Why do we do what we do? Now you can finally learn how to understand human nature. You can tell if someone is lying to you or telling you the truth. The worst thing you can do as a persuader is solve their objection when it was never really their objection. It was a knee jerk reaction and you bought into their fake objection. Your goal as a master persuader is to solve objections before they happen. If you are tired of getting No’s or people not calling you back. These audios will change your life, your profession and your income.

  • How to turn a no into a yes and a yes into a sale
  • Discover why most objections are lies and solving them hurts your ability to persuade
  • How to double your business with 3 proven ways to increase referrals
  • Master the ability to presolve objections before they sabotage your sales
  • Know exactly when your prospect’s lying and still win their business
  • Why your prospect buys from someone else after you persuaded them
  • Persuasion tips that will double your income
  • Develop a call to action that causes your prospect to ask “how do I get started”
  • How to create the proper mood to persuade and influence

Psychology of Objections (12 MP3’s) & Digital Workbook

  • Psychology of Objections: Why Your Prospects are Lying to You
  • Brick Wall of Resistance
  • Perfect Plan to Yes
  • Unlimited Referrals: The Easiest Way to Double Your Business
  • Detecting Deception Anytime
  • Generate Change
  • Satisfy The Hunger – Why They Buy From Someone Else
  • The Call to Action System
  • Persuasion IQ: What Skills Are You Missing
  • Inoculation: The Art of Presolving Objections
  • Mood Matters: Emotions That Hinder Persuasion
  • Persuasion Tips of the Masters

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