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Power Negotiation

Product Description:

Negotiation is a different form of persuasion.  There is a time to persuade, a time to influence and a time to negotiate.  Have you ever paid too much for a house? A car? Anything?  Most people have and don’t even know it!  What underhanded tactics are other negotiators using on you?  How can you counteract them?  These are recordings from a live 3 day negotiation bootcamp.  We get down in the trenches and reveal the secrets that only top negotiators know.  Everything you want in life, somebody else has… You just need to know how to negotiate to get it!  In other words, get what you want, when you want and win friends for life.

  • Dirty deeds unscrupulous negotiators will use against you
  • Discover negotiation secrets only known to seasoned negotiation professionals
  • Top 3 mistakes average negotiators frequently make
  • What is the blueprint used to guarantee your negotiation success
  • Formula for your pre negotiation checklist
  • How following your natural instinct will cost you millions
  • Master the priceless ability of detecting deception
  • How to develop instant trust in the first 5 minutes
  • How to establish instant credibility (even when you don’t have any)

Power Negotiation 3 Day Training (MP3’s)

Day 1

  • Traits of Top Persuaders
  • Your Success Blueprint
  • Science of Trust
  • Verbal Business Card

Day 2

  • 4 R’s of Resistance
  • Timing is Everything
  • Negotiation Blunders
  • The “Dirty Deeds”

Day 3

  • Double Dissonance
  • Why People Lie
  • Detecting Deception

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