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Activity Is One Of The Keys To Success & We Reward It!

We Award Activity Within The Community

Below, you will find a chart showing the points available to advance your Rank and ONCE Buck Potential.

Your Community Status Ranking

This is given so that at a glance you can see just how active a member of the community is. The more points earned through activity, the higher the rank.

Your ONCE Bucks Total

This does not directly reflect the members activity within the community, because they may have acquired some products with the Virtual Cash and/or given The ONCE Bucks to another member (via a Transfer) in order to help other members.

ActivityDescriptionRank/Achievement PointsONCE Bucks
RegistrationPoints awarded once a member registers. 1 1
 Awarded for logging in – ONCE per day  1
Content AuthorAwarded for sharing content with the community100100
 Awarded for sharing pages with the community  10
 Awarded for sharing BuddyPress Docs with the community 100
 Awarded for sharing courses with the community 100
 Awarded for sharing lessons with the community 100
 Awarded for sharing quizzes with the community 100
 Awarded for sharing site tours with the community 100
CommenterAwarded to those who share approved comments.1010
 Taken for comments marked as spam -5
Posts VisitedAwarded to an author once they have 25 visitors to their post.100 
Forum Topic CreatorAwarded to those who have created a topic for discussion in the forums. This creates a knowledge base for the community.2525
 Taken for deleting a forum topic -1
 Awarded for adding a forum topic to your favorites 1
Forum CommenterAwarded to those who reply to forum topics.1010
Post VisitorAwarded to those who read 10 posts.10 
Uploaded An AvatarAwarded to those who chose not to use their Facebook image and upload an avatar. We recommend creating a Gravatar at http://gravatar.com using an email address you use with Facebook.1010
Update Your ProfileAwarded for updating your profile 10
Increasing Social CirclesAwarded to people who are making friends within the community and increasing their sphere of influence.55
Decreasing Social CirclesAwarded to people who remove friends within the community and decreasing their sphere of influence and allows us to follow up as to why it happened. Our goal is to reduce internal prospecting within the community and eliminate those who spam.5-1
Community UpdatesAwarded to those who update their activity status 5 times within the community.5050
 Taken for deleting update -1
Community DialogAwarded to those who engage in a dialog, within the communities activity stream, 10 times.100 
Joined A GroupAwarded to those who have joined a group in order to create a dialog on a specific topic they joined.5050
Left A GroupGiven to those that have chosen to leave a group so that we can assist them in finding what they are looking for. -5
Group ReplyAwarded to those who reply within a group.1010
Group Forum Topic CreatorAwarded to those who ask questions within the group forums. This assists the whole community as the knowledge base grows and ideas are shared.5050
 Awarded to those who edited their forum topic 1
Group Forum CommenterAwarded to those who reply to group forum topics.1010
 Awarded to those who edited their forum posts 1
PromoterAwarded to those who send out invitations to others.100100
Community BuilderAwarded to those who had individuals join by sending out community invites.100100
Gave RatingsAwarded to those who rated at least 5 of our articles or pages.255
Quiz – Perfect ScoreGot a perfect score on a quiz50 
Course Lesson CompletedMember has completed a course lesson.20 
Course CompletedMember has completed a course.100 
Badge CompletedAwarded for completing badge 100

If for some reason you feel that you did not get an award that you should have earned, simply message @oncevision or @tygerlane in the community and we will resolve the challenge asap.

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