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The Founders

Kuvera Global®

Was founded by pioneers of the financial education industry.
With over 40 years of experience in equities and options trading, the founders came together with the purpose of making it all more simple.



Ryan has over 20 years of experience in business management and in the financial markets. His career has been focused on helping people generate wealth in the financial markets, and he has a passion for the common man living the American Dream. Over his career, he has impacted tens of thousands in how to change their financial futures and making their dreams come true. Prior to founding Kuvera Global, Ryan co-founded a brokerage firm and eventually focused on teaching others how to trade in the markets successfully – literally bringing “Wall Street to Main Street.” Building that company to generating over $350 million in annual revenue, Ryan eventually sold that organization and again began refocusing on educating the common man to have uncommon success in the markets. He has helped develop delivery channels that range from infomercials and seminars to online education globally. Ryan has spent his professional life serving the masses through educating them to learn how to build long-term wealth for themselves. Ryan’s passion with Kuvera Global is the culmination of his two decades of experience, knowing that there is no more important mission for families across the country than to help them Find the money that most already have but don’t realize, Grow that money to build a sizable and stable future, and Keep that money so that they can actually enjoy it!

Ryan is married and has 5 children. He loves spending time with family. He also enjoys all types of outdoor activities from biking, golfing, hiking, and snowmobiling.

The thing that he enjoys the most in life is spending time with his family. He also enjoys all types of outdoor activities from biking, golfing, hiking, and snowmobiling. If he had to pick just one it would be on a lake boating with his family. Over the years he has been heavily involved in creating deliverable stock market education.

“I truly believe Kuvera Global does bring Wall Street to Main Street.”



Ms. Raynor brings a blended background of financial services and IT (information technology) experience enabling her to evaluate and select our automated trading tools and strategies. Her information technology background combined with her Series 65 Investment Adviser Representative license provides us the unique combination of financial advisory expertise and along with quantitative metrics and analysis. Annette is a financial “education coach”, a Registered Investment Adviser Representative and maintains operations across the company’s multiple business ventures.

Annette is married and has 3 children and 3 rescue dogs. She loves spending time with her family, and all things technology related.

I want to bring free market principles back to the financial sector on a global scale. I know, sounds like quite a grand scheme but I truly believe the answer to our recent global financial crisis lies with the individual. If we, each of us learns and refuses to accept the old practices we can be a force in the worldwide markets. Just as great wealth was created after The Great Depression of 1929, I believe we are in the exact same position now. Those of us who take control will forge our own opportunities. This is my passion, this is my goal. I have a unique professional background with twenty years in Information Technology and ten years in finance. I am a Registered Investment Adviser Representative and an instructor who has taught individuals how to manage their own money for the last five years. My husband Kevin and my three children: Kevin Jr, Ariana and Juliana are my true love and my legacy. While each complains that I work far too much, I hope they always know it is for the greater good and a life dedicated to sharing my experience and life lessons for the benefit of others. Kuvera Global is the culmination of both my successes and failures and I believe it will create a financial revolution that has the ability to change the financial future of individuals, our country and potentially the world markets. Whoever said my dreams weren’t grand enough?

“I thank you for considering or joining Kuvera Global® and taking part in developing and delivering our vision.”



Chad has been an entrepreneur all of his life, an entrepreneur who could find a need and then find the solution. After a number of successful start-ups, and eventually gaining a fascination with the markets, he became a licensed broker early in his career. He quickly learned the power of investing, and the potential to change lives through changing the financial future of others. This developed a passion for people that can be witnessed every day by his actions and care for those around him. Doing what is right for others, and doing it in an honorable way is Chad’s priority in life. Prior to founding Kuvera Global®, Chad co-founded a brokerage firm which focused on educating others in how to successfully trade in the market and generate personal wealth. After that, Chad co-founded a publicly traded company, which focused on teaching others to easily research and trade online. Over the course of his career he has already impacted tens of thousands of people in how to trade in the market, but with Kuvera Global® he is passionate about teaching millions how to Find, Grow, Keep, and ultimately enjoy the wealth available to everyone who is willing to apply the principles taught by the experts. Chad knows that changing the lives of each Independent Generator isn’t just a goal, it is the only reason for Kuvera Global®.

I enjoy talking to people about the markets and the ability to take advantage of the opportunities that the markets provide.

Chad is married with 4 children. He loves spending time with his family. He also loves all sports, traveling and spending time outdoors camping and boating.

I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and 4 awesome kids. I enjoy spending time coaching my kids in their various sports. I love all sports, traveling and like spending time outdoors camping and boating with friends and family. I was born and raised in the great state of Wyoming by wonderful parents who taught me many valuable lessons that have helped me throughout my life. My dad instilled in me the importance of hard work, determination and to invest in myself. He was an entrepreneur from a young age and that trait has spilled over to me. My mom has taught and continues to teach me compassion and the ability to listen and be a problem solver.

“I look forward to working and with you on this exciting opportunity. Let’s generate!”



Mario co-founded Wealth Engineering in January of 2005 with the principal goal of empowering the “individual investor.” With more than thirty years of Wall Street experience, Mario brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise to the capital markets, investing and trading strategies and investor education. Kuvera Global® wants to assist individuals in succeeding in their investment activities. Never before has so much information, tools and trading capabilities been available to the individual – it is simply a matter of knowing how to use these capabilities your financial benefit. Kuvera Global® is committed to showing individuals how to do just that.

Mario is married and has 3 children. In addition to spending time with them, he is an avid football fan.

I love football. I believe football teaches you character, commitment, and courage. My wife Gina and my three children: Nico, Victoria, and Anthony are witness to my football passion. Anthony shares my passion and I believe his commitment to the sport is awe inspiring. Investing is no different than football. You need character, courage, and commitment along with a good coach, a strategic plan and support through execution. Kuvera Global® provides this to each individual. As a former stockbroker of the early 1980’s I know how the large firms work and I know that the best way to assist individuals is to teach them to invest for themselves. For Wall Street to remain the center of the world’s finance, the US firms need to change and embrace a new world order. My company, Wealth Engineering knows this is a global mandate and we will not stop until investor education is available to every individual on earth which is why we co-founded Kuvera Global®. The stock market is an auction. Of course the auction can be controlled by those who have the most concentrated capital; however, a multitude of individuals equals volume. This volume will create supply and demand based upon a varied set of objectives and will create global liquidity and stability for all.

“I should tell you that I also love wealth and the ability to create a new generation of wealth for everyone was an opportunity that comes along only once in a lifetime.”

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