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The Executive Team


Union Pacific Building
12 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Chad Garner
Chad brings over 13 years of sales, marketing, and operations experience. Chad was a founding member of the executive team for Daily Bread, a successful direct sales company. He’s built and scaled multiple world-class sales organizations throughout his career. Chad also led the Business Development, Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Affiliate Sales and Customer Success departments while helping raise $2.8 million in venture capital for a technology startup. His passion is helping others improve their financial fitness so they can live stress-free and more meaningful lives.

Natalyn Lewis
VP Sales
Natalyn has over 20 years of experience in driving revenue, improving messaging, and creating massive duplication. She was a Founder of United Games and has been a top field leader multiple times.

Ricardo Sousa
VP Sales Latin America

Ben Eggett
VP Technology

Misty Martinez
VP Customer Experience

Aaron Gumucio
Director of Marketing

Rod Earl
Director of Product

Brian Kennington
Director of Compliance

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