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Your 10 Core Commitments As A Business Owner

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We will provide you with the 10 Core Commitments required in order to build a solid business and organization. By committing to these 10 Core Commitments, you will establish a basic foundation upon which you can start to expand. It has been shown that if a business is not expanding, it is usually due to a lack of commitment and/or consistency in one of these areas. Simply evaluate your commitment, recommit and take action in order to get back on track.

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Start Your Team Orientation... "Laying A Solid Foundation Is Important". Creating "A Game Plan & Vision Map" for yourself and helping others. Therefore, we are asking you to complete this Badge in order to walk you through the process to complete the steps.

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Continue to the “Find Money” badge. This will give you an overview of the Finding Money System and a glimpse of the business concepts behind our system. Understanding the concept helps as we build upon the basic foundation of the system. It is simple, it’s proven & it works…

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You now have a better understanding of what it takes to create a solid foundation to build upon. When business owners find themselves struggling, for any number of reasons, they always go back to the basics or Core Commitments to examine their activities and find a solution that will produce better results. They continually Plan, Do & Review while keeping their Core intact
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Thomas Edgell
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