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We ask those, who desire access to all of our Wealth Generator® training, to complete this course prior to entering. It is designed to ensure that you have become an Independent Business Owner (IBO) & establish the desired level of Core Commitments needed in order to be at our Team Member Level. Those who have completed this course will have shown that they are willing to take the steps necessary to get the maximum value offered and increase their potential of establishing a prosperous business.

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You have now unlocked your access to the Community & additional courses and on your way to learning more about the value that we offer.

We know you are eager to jump right into the community and we are not restricting that access, however, I would suggest that you continue your journey and complete the “START HERE” process.

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Follow Your Wealth Training Vision Map

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Path 1 – “Team Member”

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You will be introduced to some of the services we offer in 3, easy to follow, steps. We will walk you through setting up your KG Money, how to access your subscription information & how to use TaxBot. Simply share the knowledge gained and the ease of use with others & invite to our Community.

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3 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Earn "Team Member"
  3. Completed course “Take The KG Challenge”

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Suggested Path…

Continue to the “Find Money” badge. This will give you an overview of the Finding Money System and a glimpse of the business concepts behind our system. Understanding the concept helps as we build upon the basic foundation of the system. It is simple, it’s proven & it works…

Dedicated to your success…

Tom Edgell
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Tracie Wright

2 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Completed course “Wealth Team Application”

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