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Wealth Training Preferred Member Application

We ask those, who desire access to more of our training, to complete this Application Course prior to achieving the Preferred Member Level and entering additional areas within the Wealth Training Community. We also assist in establishing a vision for Following, Prospering & Sharing The Results in order to fulfill the objective of Finding, Growing & Keeping More Money. Those who have completed this course will have shown that they are willing to take the steps necessary to explore the potential of getting the maximum value offered. Establishing a clear vision of use increases their potential of establishing a prosperous business.

Completing This Process Will Give You Additional Access To:

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  • KG Money Tools
  • Forex Trader
  • Active Trader
  • Passive Trader
  • Tax Savings
  • Bonus Plan
  • Wealth Success

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You need to Register for the Community in order to earn the Badge.

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Registration Begins HereYou Must Be A Community Member

Once Registered, A record of your progress will be stored, therefore giving you the freedom to progress at your own pace.


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You Are Now A Preferred Member

By becoming a Preferred Member, you have shown a greater interest in Finding, Growing & Keeping more of your money. As a result, of your choice, you have unlocked additional courses and you are now on your way to learning more about the value that we offer.

We ask that as you continue along your Vision Map journey, that you visualize yourself using the products & services. Also ask yourself how many others need them and could benefit from our community. We believe that you will find that most people will. You simply need to invite them to take a look for themselves.

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Follow Your Wealth Training Vision Map

Once you have completed “Step 1”, the “START HERE” process, you will know your Vision Mapped Path:

After the completion of each Information or Training Course, a badge will be issued. You will find similar congrats text revealed and a suggested next step to complete.

You do not have to follow the path, however, that is the logic that we have in place. As a result, we offer a list of links within the Suggested Path as well as links to the different Vision Mapped Paths for each section.

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Path 1 – “Team Member”

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Path 2 – “Preferred Member”

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Wealth Success

Having A Road Map Always Helps... IBO NoteLearn some of our fundamental strategies that will help you build a successful network with our course "10 Strategies To Fast Start Reps To Massive Action". This course is taught by Brandon Boyd, a Top Earner within Wealth Generators®.

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Preferred Member Access

3 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Earn “Preferred Member”
  3. Completed course “Wealth Success”

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Suggested Path…

We know you are eager to jump right into the additional Evaluation Training, however, we feel that it is important to establish a “Vision Of Use”. As a result, we are requiring that you complete the “Wealth Success” badge. This will provide you with a Success Model and show you why this Community fits that model & provides an environment that increases in value as the Community grows.

As a suggested next step, we recommend the following:

Committed to Serving “You”

Tom Edgell
The “Lead EDGE”

Tracie Wright

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Links to Preferred Badges[/list]


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Path 3 – “Community Member”

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Review The Community Badges…

[pricing_table columns=”1″][plan title=”How It Works” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/wealthy-living-badge/how-it-works/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Find Money” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/first-step/find-money/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Grow Money” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/first-step/grow-money/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][/pricing_table]

[pricing_table columns=”3″][plan title=”Keep Money” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/first-step/keep-money/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Learning Skills” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/first-step/learning-skills/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Earn Money” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/first-step/earn-money/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][/pricing_table]

[pricing_table columns=”3″][plan title=”Getting Started” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/wealthy-living-badge/getting-started/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Get Connected” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/wealthy-living-badge/get-connected/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][plan title=”Wealth Awards” price=”Free” color=”teal” button_text=”View The Badge” button_link=”http://wealthtrainingcommunity.com/wealthy-living-badge/wealth-awards/” icon=”fa-shield” icon_background=”#ffffff”]Badge icon [/plan][/pricing_table]

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Take Action Every Day…

2 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Completed course “Wealth Preferred Member Application”

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