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Keep Money

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Keeping Money Is Easy With The Right Decisions…
When you make the right choices, more options become available. Compare the options and make a choice that has the potential to assist you in Keeping Money in your pocket or bank account. With the proper tools, an individual may “Keep Money” that can be leveraged into different results.

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Well Done...

You have learned the difference between being a Business Owner vs. an Employee. We have also touched on the difference between Expenses vs Spending and how you can reduce your Tax Liability. More importantly, you should have learned how to Gain Control over many areas of your life.

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Follow Your Wealth Training Vision Map

Once you have completed "Step 1", the "START HERE" process, you will know your Vision Mapped Path:

After the completion of each Information or Training Course, a badge will be issued. You will find similar congrats text revealed and a suggested next step to complete.

You do not have to follow the path, however, that is the logic that we have in place. As a result, we offer a list of links within the Suggested Path as well as links to the different Vision Mapped Paths for each section.

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Path 1 - "Team Member"

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Path 2 - "Preferred Member"

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Path 3 - "Community Member"

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Learning Skills

Learning New Skills Produces New Results...

When you make the decision to learn new concepts & techniques, you increase the potential that different results will be produced once those skills have been applied. With the proper tools, an individual may "Learn Skill" that can be leveraged into different results.

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Suggested Path...

Continue to the "Learning Skills" badge. This will give you an overview of how the Financial Education System & Market Education System will provide you with one of the most important asset you will ever possess - KNOWLEDGE. With that knowledge, we will show you how to tap into Internet Marketing in order to invite others to Wealth Generators® & the Wealth Training Community. Learning the concept helps as we build upon the basic foundation of the system.

Learning Skills is simple, it's proven & it works...

Some choose to explore on their own. If that is the case we recommend the following:

Dedicated to your success...

Thomas Edgell
The "Lead Edge"

Tracie Wright

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Take Action Every Day...


2 Required Steps

  1. Earn “Community Member”
  2. Completed course “Keep Money”

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