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Investing and trading in stocks and options involve risks, including the risk of losing part or all money invested. Our cumulative trade results is posted as a Return on Investment and does not reflect the overall return of a trading account. Any and all trading decisions are up to you, and Wealth Training Community nor Kuvera Global makes no guarantee or representation as to the outcome of your decisions. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Individual trade results will vary due to a variety of factors including but not limited to timing, availability, market conditions, capital allocated and price fluctuations. Wealth Training Community nor Kuvera Global is not providing you investment advice as we do not review your individual financial situation, investment objectives or personal monetary needs. Each member trades at their own risk and the user of the trade strategies indemnifies and holds harmless Wealth Training Community nor Kuvera Global, its market experts, trainers, and presenters.

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