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Did you know that you will spend more on taxes in your life than you will on food, houses, cars, and clothing combined? With that much of your hard earned money going to the government, why would give them any more than you have to? Sadly, that’s what most people do because it’s just too much hassle to figure out how to track everything so you can take every deduction possible.

Did you also know that the tax laws are set up to benefit businesses more than regular people, so they can invest in making their businesses grow? As a Kuvera Global® Distributor, you have the opportunity to own your own business and take advantage of those business deductions. Keeping as much money as possible. Small business owners overpay taxes to the tune of over $150 billion a year, and 95% of them think they didn’t overpay. We can fix that. It’s what Deductr® is all about.

We have partnered with Deductr®, a leading deduction tracking software, and an app that will help you get every deduction you deserve. And it’s never been easier to track all your deductions. Let’s look at a few of the key benefits Deductr® provides.

Receipt Tracking

Your days of keeping receipts in a shoe box are gone! Simply use your smartphone to shoot a picture of any receipt, enter in a few details on the fly, and throw the receipt away. All your receipts will be automatically categories and ready for your accountant come tax time.

Mileage Tracking

Deductr® allows you to automatically track your mileage with the GPS of your smartphone. There’s never been a faster, easier way to track every mile you travel in your business.

AuditSafe Reports

Few things are worse than getting your finances together to prepare your taxes. Not anymore Deductr® generates audit proof reports automatically that you can hand to your accountant come tax time. You’ll love how easy getting your taxes done can be!

Deductr Online Education® library

Along with the amazing Deductr® online system and app, you also get access to Deductr’s® great tax education materials including over 40 videos, blogs, and articles ensuring that you learn about every deduction you are entitled to.

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